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Paid PPI Compensation since April 2016?

Chances are, you are due a tax rebate, we can help…

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Mis-sold PPI

When compensation was paid for mis-sold PPI, customers had to be put back into the same financial position as they would have been had the policy not been sold, therefore a significant part of the compensation payment is made up of interest.


Tax Back

In 2016 a savings allowance was introduced, which meant that a basic rate taxpayer could earn £1,000 in interest before being due to pay tax and a higher rate taxpayer could earn £500 in interest before tax was due.


Basic rate tax paying joint claimants can use £2,000 in allowances before tax is due. 

We have developed a system to assist our customers obtain a rebate of tax that was paid from the interest on your claim, but not owed.

Get My PPI Tax Back

We have been helping our PPI customers obtain tax rebates since 2016. We have a streamlined process for helping getting your money back and if we don’t get you a rebate there is absolutely no charge.


Simply complete the online form, and we will be in touch to start the process and get back what is rightfully yours.


All claim are progressed on a no win no fee basis

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