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About Us

The Financial Compensation Centre Ltd was formed in 2003 and have now been assisting customers take action against mis-sold financial products for almost 17 years.


In that time we have helped thousands of customers obtain many millions of pounds in compensation, be that for mortgage endowment shortfalls, unfair banking charges, mis-sold PPI, mis-sold business loans, and mortgage mis-selling etc.


When compensation is paid we assist customers obtain a rebate on the tax that has been taken from the interest element of compensation award, as most of our customers were not liable to pay tax on this the interest.


HMRC insists that this tax is deducted before customers received payment, even though it may not be due. Millions of pounds remains unclaimed and claims must be made within 4 years of payment being received.

Given the successes we have had with our own customers we are delighted to say that we are now opening up this service to everyone who as has been taxed on a compensation award in the last 4 years, be that PPI, payday loans, mis-sold mortgages etc.


We pride ourselves in offering a first class service in a friendly and informal manner. We are on our side and will fight hard to get back what is rightfully yours.


We have several solicitor partners that we can rely on in specialist circumstances were legal intervention is required to assist our customers.


Please feel free to call, or to use the submission form to get in touch. We would be happy to get the ball rolling on returning money back to where it should be, in your pocket!

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 "I can't thank Gerry and Financial Compensation Centre enough. Not only did they stay on top of my bank to make sure that I received the compensation I was due, they also completed all of the paperwork and submitted it to HMRC so that I got my tax back on my claim. It took just over 2 months for the rebate to arrive and I can't thank them enough.”

Tommy McIlwraith


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